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Feb, 2021

Cal Ripkin Tryouts


Tryouts are Saturday, February 13, 2021 at the gym at Camp Rilea. Information/Rules for tryouts:

1. Players must attend tryouts to participate in the season

2. Please register the player prior to tryouts at

3. Anyone in the gym must wear a mask

4. Gym shoes only and bring a glove

5. Report five minutes before your tryout time (see schedule below). Parents may check in their child at the table and then will need to wait in their car or outside. 


Tryouts will be broken into 30 minute time slots for each Cal-Ripken Age as listed below based on Date of Birth. 


Cal-Ripken 12yr                2:30-3:00

(DOB on or after May 1st 2008 & before May 1st 2009)

Cal-Ripken 11yr                3:00-3:30

(DOB on or after May 1st 2009 & before May 1st 2010)

Cal-Ripken 10yr                3:30-4:00

(DOB on or after May 1st 2010 & before May 1st 2011)

Cal-Ripken 9yr                  4:00-4:30

(DOB on or after May 1st 2011 & before May 1st 2012)

Cal-Ripken 8yr                  4:30-5:00

(DOB on or after May 1st 2012 & before May 1st 2013)

Cal-Ripken 7yr                  5:00-5:30

(DOB on or after May 1st 2013 & before May 1st 2014)

Players will be evaluated on their baseball fundamentals, such as playing catch, fielding and hitting. These evaluations along with Cal-Ripken Ages, Previous Level of Play, Quantity of Players Available, Coaches Available and Parent Notes are all considered during Player Placement and Roster development for each level of play in the league.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you have a CREDIT from last year, please choose the CHECK option on the payment page. We will make the applicable credit adjustment to your account.

Questions? Email [email protected]

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